Nov 25, 2019

A new Bigger on the Inside​ post: #Hook - "There You Are"

A new Bigger on the Inside​ post: #Hook - "There You Are"

"There you are, Peter!" Over time, our eyes can become dim. I can even forget the me I once was, the solemn promises the child within me made. And, in so forgetting, it is also possible that my simple smile can fade. But then, there are moments when it all comes back. The touch of a child's hand on my face, simple closeness with others, soft songs and sweet smells. It is in these moments that suddenly I am the grownup who is also the child, an internal time traveler who has seen enough adulthood to know that we're not ever truly done being children with childish dreams, the joy of having and the fear of not having friends, a wish for guidance and the need for love. Eyes and hearts are made for opening and reopening. Sometimes we are strong enough to recognize that we still are that beautiful child. Sometimes being reminded by a friend helps, too. There you are. You're so very beautiful. I'm so happy to see you. #Hook #BiggerOnTheInside

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