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Judaism as an Essential Ingredient for a Healing World (February 2021)

Book Talk on Dara Horn's "A Guide for the Perplexed" --

Human Cosmic Power - What is the capacity of a human being embodies as a living Image of the Divine? Based on the teachings of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, this talk was part of the Opening Program at the Rabbinical Assembly Convention featuring Rabbi Creditor and other passionate rabbis in Atlanta, GA. -

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Proximity is Power 
Binding ourselves to our future

Selected Classes (video/audio/text):

Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Menachem Creditor: Hunting, Kashrut, Conversion and Circumcision (Nov. 2013) this presentation was originally part of "A Guide to Judaism: A Class for All Considering Conversion"

The Big Gifts of Conservative Judaism (April 2013) Part of a series on Jewish Identity arranged by Rabbi David Paskin sponsored by Temple Beth Abraham in Canton, MA. -- YouTube link:

Revelation of a Sacred Embrace (Nov. 9, 2008) - The embrace of humanity is surely a Jewish imperative, but not to be misconstrued as conferring Jewish identity. I embrace the other as a fellow Divine Image and accept the ideas of the other as potentially equally valid paths to God. But the other is not me. And cherishing those who observe differently, think differently, and talk differently, is neither more nor less holy than discovering how I am called to observe, think, and talk. Participate in this conversation on pluralism, Judaism, and holiness where Rabbi Creditor shared his recently published article in Conservative Judaism entitled "The Sacred Embrace."

High Holidays Lecture: Jewish Days of Judgment and Purpose (September 2011) This shiur/class is an emotional glimpse into the themes and flow of Elul, Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur. -- audio, handout


"My Big Fat Jewish Learning" with Josh Kornbluth (Jan-April 2011)
· "The Prophet's Wife: The Book of Hosea" - Handout
· "As a Driven Leaf: Midrash" - Handout
· "Tree of Souls: Jewish Mythology" - Handout
· "For the Love of God and People: Jewish Law" - Handout
· "A Modern Heretic and a Traditional Community: Denominations" - Handout
· "The World to Come" - Handout
· "Israeli Poets and Jewish Prayer" - Audio coming soon! - Handout