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Art & Midrash: A Jewish Take on Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses
(UJA, March 28, 2024)

(December 5, 2023)

(September 25, 2023)

(UJA, September 13, 2023)

(June 18, 2023)

Judaism and the First Amendment with the First Amendment Museum
(February 10, 2023)

(Parashat Va'era, Jan. 21, 2023)
(January 2023)

Jewish Values on Women's Reproductive Freedom and the intersection of Gun Violence and Domestic Violence - Rabbi Creditor moderates a conversation between Sheila Katz of the National Council of Jewish Women and Deborah Rosenbloom of Jewish Women International. (UJA Women NY Lions Lunch; November 10, 2022)

A Rabbi's Heart Book Tour (April-June 2021)

Kashrut, Social Distancing, and Its Discontents (May 2020, The Great Big Jewish Food Fest) The biblical command to "not cook a kid in its mother's milk" has, over the centuries, expanded into a complex system of Kashrut policies that have been described in countless ways, some good, some not-so-good. But what, in the end, is the purpose of Kashrut? Is it about Jews staying separate from the rest of the world? Is it about mindful food practice? As mealtime has become more physically isolated, might the realities of social distancing help us re-translate an ancient and complicated historical tradition into modern spiritual-social terms? All texts will be available in English, and beginners are welcome!

Book Talk on Dara Horn's "A Guide for the Perplexed" (December 2013) 

Human Cosmic Power What is the capacity of a human being embodies as a living Image of the Divine? Based on the teachings of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, this talk was part of the Opening Program at the Rabbinical Assembly Convention featuring Rabbi Creditor and other passionate rabbis in Atlanta, GA. (May 2012)

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