Oct 3, 2008

A Prayer for parents, other family members, and friends of individuals with special needs:

this was written by a friend's rabbi, and I think it's just beautiful.

God, in Whose image every human being is created, 

In the year ahead, help me to embrace my loved one as he is.  Teach me to be with her in love and joy, with wisdom and understanding. Help me nurture my loved one's awesome potential, as You help him nurture all of the gifts You have placed inside him.  If she should fail, help me encourage her to try again, not to despair. 

Prevent me from pressuring him to become what he can never be, or does not want to be. When I find myself mourning for what she is not, open my eyes to the holy blessing that she is.  When feelings of jealousy and resentment surface in me, soften me, open my heart. When my patience wears thin, calm me with Your comforting presence.   
When I feel as if I have no more to give, be my strength, Infinite One. 

Help him, God. Watch over her,  Protecting One. Shield him from frustration and hurt. Fill her with pride. Teach him to stand up for himself.  Grant her good health.  Bless him with friends. Let her be happy, God; surround him with Your love. 

I thank You, God, for giving me this person in my life. She is a gift, a precious, unique soul, mine to love.   Amen.  

Shanah tovah - wishing you a sweet, joyous and healthy year ahead.  Rabbi Rena