Nov 17, 2008

NAASE Kashrut

Dear Chevreh,


NAASE, the Conservative Movement's North American Association Of Synagogue Executives, has a yearly international convention.   This year's convention (November 15-20,  2008) is being shared with NATA, the Reform Movement's corresponding organization.  That's a wonderful synergy.  But the conference catering isn't Kosher.  (There is something like a "kosher option" for those who would choose.)  I hope you are as outraged as I am to discover that a professional association of Conservative synagogue leaders chose to forego kashrut at their national convention.  USCJ withdrew participation of its national and regional staff in reaction to the decision.  Both NAASE and your particular Executive Director should hear from you on the subject.  


Please contact the NAASE office to voice your response:


NAASE Office

Rapaport House

820 Second Avenue

New York NY 10017

phone: 212-533-7800 Ext 2609

fax to (631) 732-9461



The NAASE homepage is, and the list of NAASE Committee Chairs and Special Project Coordinators (2008-2009) is here:


We have too much holy building to do to leave our sacred foundations behind,