Feb 17, 2009

Applications now being Accepted for Groundbreaking Conflict Transformation Program (Please forward on)

Groundbreaking Conflict Transformation Program Launches for Fourth Straight Year

What happens when you put 24 university students in the former Yugoslavia for a summer to learn about resolving ethnic conflict? And what happens when 12 of these students are Palestinians and 12 are Jews? Welcome to the groundbreaking Vision Program!

This ten-month fellowship, affiliated with the University of San Francisco's Center for Global Education, begins with a month-long trip to the Balkans, meeting activists and scholars alike in Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovnia. Students study the Balkan wars of the 1990s in an effort to re-examine the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During the academic year immediately following the summer students engage in two four-day conferences, aimed to empower them to engage with students on their campus, and organize campus and community presentations, helping them articulate their own activist voices.

The Vision Program's goals are to (a) empower participants to heighten their self-awareness, paying particular attention to their political selves; (b) develop their critical thinking; and (c) examine how such thinking manifests itself in Jewish-Palestinian relations both in the US and the Middle East.

This program is one of two flagship programs of Abraham's Vision, a conflict transformation organization running educational programs for American-based groups of Jews, Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians. Abraham's Vision is affiliated with the University of San Francisco and Vision Program students receive academic course credit through USF's Center for Global Education. For more information contact Huda Abu Arqoub or Eitan Trabin at 415.839.6889.

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