Mar 30, 2009

New Features on The Conservative Movement Dreaming from Within

New Features on The Conservative Movement Dreaming from Within

Shalom Chevreh,

Just in time for Pesach, the ShefaNetwork site has some great new features!  In addition to the newer Jewish Holidays page, the older Shefa Pesach Page is also available (note: not all links on this page are current)!  The new Magan Tzedek Hagadah insert is also available at

I'm very happy to share that Hayom: The Coalition for the Transformation of Conservative Judaism has chosen, for now, to have certain messages hosted on the Shefa website - see!  This group began with 25 lay leaders and rabbis from large Conservative shuls, largely to make sure the message had the attention of USCJ leadership - now the invitation is open to all shuls in the Movement to add their voice to making sure our next strategic step is inclusive and transparent, truly a synergistic message for the ShefaNetwork chevreh!  Many have noted that all the rabbis in the original coalition are male - that is not the message.  Nor is the hope that "big" shuls will have the dominant voice at the table.  The coalition is growing every day, and is meant to include everyone.  Please make sure that all our leaders are included, and encourage your rabbis and presidents to talk about joining HaYom!  To join HaYom, please be in touch with Antoinette Nu┼łez at

You might also download ShefaJournal 5769, which focuses on USCJ and the Future of Conservative Judaism (available on the ShefaNetwork homepage).  It was distributed to all members of the HaYom coalition as a demonstration that good ideas and passionate advocates are already here in the Conservative Movement, just waiting to be invited to share their dreams!

This year in Israel!  The ShefaNetwork trip to Israel this August, cosponsored by Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA already has 30 participantsThere is only room for 10 more participants, and all the documents (itinerary, registration, pricing) are available on the Shefa Israel Page.  Welcome aboard!  This should be a wonderful educational trip, full of new experiences and friendships!

There have been general updates to the GLBT Inclusion Page and the Torah Resources Page - and Shefaniks are always adding content and sharpening the way it's communicated!

May this Pesach be one of liberation, and of peace,
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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