Apr 8, 2009

A Pesach Poem: "Thank You, God, for Chametz"

A Pesach Poem: "Thank You, God, for Chametz"
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

When I slither on my belly with my children,
looking for the Chametz I myself hid,
I am aware that deep ritual involves both gravitas and silliness.

When I stand with my family,
watching the Chametz burn,
I am transported. 
I smell, I feel, my sacrifice burning.

When I recite the Aramaic formula
which nullifies any remaining Chametz,
I experience a Jewish affirmation moment,
a liturgical recitation which translates into:

"I did my best, and that is good enough. 
I am part of this moment, of this holy day.
I am worthy of freedom, of redemption."

When I sell my community's Chametz to a dear friend,
I see where trust and tradition meet.

Thank You, God, for Chametz. 
Thank You, God, for Pesach.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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