Jun 17, 2009

Announcing Kesharim Independent Minyan Partnership Grants

Announcing Kesharim Independent Minyan Partnership Grants

In 2008 the USCJ Kesharim Committee awarded 6 grants to Independent Minyanim who arranged partnerships with USCJ congregations or regions.  We are pleased to announce a new Request for Proposals (RFP) to be awarded in early September, 2009.   
This project's goal is to build on and strengthen the growing movement of independent minyanim, enabling and empowering Jewishly committed young adults to develop the communities, programs, and initiatives they seek within the Halachic framework of Conservative Judaism. 

The initial grantees used the funds in a variety of ways, including:the purchas of
food and utensils for Shabbat kiddush and meals; purchase of siddurim, chumashim, or other objects used to enhance the prayer experience; sharing the costs of a partner congregational educational program (to subsidize and encourage minyan participants to attend); printing and copying some promotional materials; and  providing a scholarship to the Mechon Hadar independent minyan conference in Boston. For a copy of the RFP and application, click here, Applications.  Proposals are are due by August 1.

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