Oct 22, 2009

This Sunday October 25, Minyan preceded and followed by Learning!

This Sunday October 25, Minyan preceded and followed by Learning at Netivot Shalom!

9 - 9:30 AM Rabbi Creditor will conduct a pre-minyan learning session on Rambam's Hilchot Tefillah/Laws of Prayer.  Rambam (Maimonides) wrote "Laws of Jewish Prayer", a volume of his comprehensive Mishnah Torah so communities could study Jewish tradition together.  This periodic studying as preparation for Minyan, will be based on the original text in the Hebrew with English translation.

Shacharit will be at 9:30 AM followed by breakfast thanks to David Radwin and Kara Vuicich who will be marking the first yahrtzeit of David's father.   At 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM Rabbi Creditor will discuss

"The Necessity of Windows", celebrating his chapter in the newly published book: Torah Queeries  (NYU Press and the Jewish Mosaic GLBTQ network).  The portrayal of Jewish tradition as a self-contained system freezes a naturally evolving civilization into a limited legal tradition based on one moment in its history.  This reduction of tradition not only translates inherited tradition into the realm of "untouchability", it also rejects the validity and holiness of the outside world.  Join this conversation with Rabbi Creditor, discussing a Judaism most authentically practiced when its religious leadership, in a process of healthy assimilation, combines the best of the inside with the best of the outside. 

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