Nov 14, 2013

Sin [a #poem]

© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

There is just so much need,
God, so much need.

Good news:
Your infinite Power flows
through our finite bodies.

Bad news:
We don't remember how precious,
that renders every second
we have on earth.

Are we equipped to
unleash Your Love through
God-shaped holes
in our hearts and
truly transform the world that is
into the world to come?

The world that must be!!!

Do our short attention spans
mean we are doomed to
always only fix things a little?

So much need, dear God.
I weep with the pain,
rage at the pain,
redouble strength through double the tears,
knowing it won't be enough.
It will never be enough.

But one life, God, one life…

Any waste of our precious time
even one drop of a soul's power
is a sin.