Aug 19, 2014

Never Again is Right Now

Never Again is Right Now
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

"For every thing there is a time." For Jews, now is the time realize that, though we have our passionate inner tensions as a People, the world sees us as one thing, one group deserving of hatred, unworthy of self-determination, an ever-displaced People. No more. We are wanderers no more. We have come home, and we will defeat those who try to kill us. And there are those in this world who want to kill us. They are trying tonight though missiles, they tried today by savagely beating a Swedish woman for wearing a Jewish star necklace, they tried yesterday by attacking a synagogue in Geneva, and they tried last week by declaring an "Israeli-free zone" in England. It is that brutally simple.

Peace is a commitment the Jewish People makes to the world. But it is a commitment premised upon us being alive to fulfill it. And we have no intention of dying. We've got work to do, ancient work under incomprehensible trials.

Never Again is not a past-tense commitment for a Jew. Never Again is right now.