Oct 29, 2014

IMPORTANT: Holiday Food Drive

Dear Friends,

Each year, we have participated in the Alameda County Community Food Bank Holiday Food Drive, stuffing envelopes in order to provide healthy food and hope to families facing hunger during the holiday season. Last year we raised over $5,000. We aim to at least match that communal gift this year to the ACCFB. (We're saving the cost of postage, hoping this email campaign will accomplish the same or more good for less.)

1 in 5 Alameda County residents now receives help from Alameda County Community Food Bank (up from 1 in 6 in 2010). And while donating non-perishable goods into the barrels is a good gesture, the ACCFB can stretch every $1 you donate into $6 worth of food, accomplishing far more for less. And so this is how we are asking you to make your urgently-needed gift this year. Please click on this link: accfb.org/dinner, SELECT "NETIVOT SHALOM," and make a gift. $35 feeds 8 people, $50 feeds 12, and $75 feeds 18. Please fulfill our Jewish mandate to be engaged positively in the world. Hunger is a reality we face, there is something we can do about that, and therefore we must.

Please click here to do your part to end hunger in our community: accfb.org/dinner.

Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Creditor 

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