Jan 6, 2015

After Kiddush Learning this Shabbat at CNS: A Jewish Response to Ebola

After Kiddush Learning this Shabbat (Jan 10, 2015, approx 1pm)
at Congregation Netivot Shalom
A Jewish Response to Ebola
with Andrew Hanauer, Campaigns Director of the Jubilee USA Network

In the face of tragic human suffering in West Africa, what is a Jewish response to Ebola? Learn more about how an interfaith coalition - including prominent national Jewish organizations and a growing number of individual synagogues, including CNS - is tackling the root causes of human crises like Ebola. That coalition, Jubilee USA, moved the White House this fall to call for $100 million in debt relief for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Now the International Monetary Fund is debating how much debt relief to grant while calls grow - from the UN to African organizations - to cancel Ebola debt completely. Meanwhile, a new report was just released detailing just how much these countries are losing each year to tax avoidance and corruption facilitated by a broken international financial system. They're losing billions. Learn more about how these debt and tax policies impact poor communities and what faith groups can do - and are doing - about it.