Jul 14, 2016

Red Flow #poem

Red Flow
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Sacred Blue and Bloody Red,
Divine flow captured
in earthly art.
But today,
Heaven feels so very far away,
so very far. Again. So far.

Our determination to save lives
so beset, so often.
Red over Blue.

Nice, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minneapolis, Oakland, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Orlando, Chicago,
black, white, Arab, Jew, American, Muslim, Gay, Straight...

Has Heaven always been so far? Has it always been this way? How can we talk, breathe, dream, parent... live when the world is in such pain? How do we endure? Where is God today?

Might and Mercy,
Compassion and Judgment,
Splendor, and Foundation...
aspects, masks of the Divine,
tensions of a cosmic system,
manifest in this dimension...

Red and blue. Red.


Maybe it's always been this way...
Maybe it used to be more hidden,
The madness of God's universe,
Divine images erasing each other
red, red, red...

Once upon a time,
this secret knowledge was
reserved for the few,
the burden of knowing what was real
carefully transmitted.

Now we all know what is real,
God's Red Flow visible to everyone.

The task? Keep your crying eyes open, see God's Face everywhere, sense God's Red Flow hidden deep within in every person, be God's Aching Heart in the world.

Grief now. Action now. Cultivate Hope. Love each other.

Emphasize Mercy, Compassion, Splendor. Render judgment on violence. Be mighty for, not at, one another.

We will see tomorrow.

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