Aug 15, 2016

Four Years After Ghana

Four Years After Ghana
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

with immeasurable gratitude to AJWS for opening my eyes

Four years ago my soul was torn apart and I was redefined by my exposure to the world as it is. I stood among redeemed slaves in Ghana, and saw how little I knew, confronted with my own limits and with the sudden, blinding knowledge of my own power and responsibility. I pledged, right then and there, to hear and see and feel with my one raw heart as much as I possibly could, so that I might act rightly in the world and have no reason for shame nor reproach at the end of my days.

Today I affirm that commitment and cry freely with the recognition that, despite my best efforts, it will never be enough.

Our task is to serve and to lift this broken world of ours one inch closer to heaven, for our children's sakes, and for theirs as well. May we do good during our numbered days.

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