Dec 11, 2016


(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Thank You for the Rain,
for a gift that can't be held.

Precious Life slips through
trembling open closed clenched caressing hands
but its flow, its flow,
the joy of its touch...

it always slips through, 
but o' the rapture of its holy touch...

lingering droplets of life
on the ground,
in the trees,
in my hair, 
in my eyes...

Thank You for the Rain
for a sound that brings 
instant memory
of a force beyond ourselves.

purifying, drenching, pounding, carrying away,
burrowing deep into
the forgotten depths
an earth that can feel so barren,
into a world thirsty for Love...

thank You for the Rain.

Please, please, please...
let it rain some more.

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Shavuot: The Torah of Tenacious Love