Oct 23, 2018

Caravan: God's Marching Children [a #poem]

Caravan: God's Marching Children
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

marching forward,
sometimes making space for fellow wanderers
(sometimes not)
we wander. we always have.

to be God's children is to be
called/fated to tread God's earth,
tribes, nations, families, lone souls,
we are grains of sand, celestial stars.

weaving 'cross an Infinite expanse,
round and round, back and forth,
by sea, through the air, on the ground,
we march, which is to say, wander.

but there can be danger, harm waiting,
if you dare cross
this inch of sand
this portion of starry sky


some have forgotten themselves,
pretend they're no longer
vulnerable wanderers,
because their towers haven't fallen (yet).

as if they own this world,
as if they have a right
to the sand and the stars,

as if they and those who seem the same
(same color same accent same fear same pain same name same same same)

have the right to call a star dark
have the right to call sand "mine"
have the right to hurt
any of God's precious children.

dear wanderering sisters,
precious vulnerable brothers,
in the face of these wrongful claims
by the pretenders of exclusive sameness,
it is time, it always will be,
to wander once more,
which is to say, march.

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