Jan 14, 2019

To the Left and to the Right: Two Truths for Jews

To the Left and to the Right: Two Truths for Jews
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Contamination of the Left by extremists (ab)using the term 'intersectionality' to estrange and attack Jews under cover of political Anti-Zionism. Contamination of the Right by extremists using the term "globalists" to isolate and attack Jews under cover of economic conservativism.

To the Right and to the Left, we say 'feh!'

To those in the Jewish community who see wrongness in one camp and run for the other, I offer these two truths, one more inspiring and practical than the other.

A hurtful truth: What political slice of any nation hasn't historically included antisemitism? The alt-right (white supremacists) and the anti-Israel left (Anti-Semites) are tinged/pervaded by lasting and latent Jew hatred that knows no political ideology, that transcends time and model of societal leadership.

A helpful truth: To reject a political posture because of the germs of hatred in humanity is short sighted. Fighting pernicious Jew-hatred within your political tribe is a better approach, and challenges all the various tribes to be their best selves.

My two cents.

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