Oct 21, 2020

Honored to hold these voices in my hands.


Honored to hold these voices in my hands. I feel the hearts of parents and teachers and nurses and poets and cantors and rabbis and journalists and bakers and grandparents. And our precious children. These words are our best attempts to honor the memories of those we’ve lost and our written commitments to be agents for change, for hope, for healing. Hinenu: We are here.
May this book be a source of comfort and strength and healing and love. May we reclaim the headlines with the shocking good we'll do. May it be said of us by generations to come that we did better than survived: we cared deeply for ourselves, for each other, and for our fragile world. May the decisions we make during these days make our descendants proud.
When We Turned Within (Vol 2): amazon.com/dp/B08L9S68T4
When We Turned Within (Vol 1): amazon.com/dp/B089TS37YP