Nov 7, 2022

VaYera 2022

go where I show you
be a blessing, if you can
life is full of tests

look to the heavens
stars shine forever, after
you will too. trust Me.

beloved boy, my child
thank you, Holy One
I feel Your promise

laughter born anew
my second son. oh wife(s),
I can love them both

but God, You promised
like the sands, You said, like sand
slipping through my hands

but not Isaac too...
how could You... no words come...
just be a blessing...

he just walks with me
silent in the morning air
for three aching days 

until: father, fire
and devouring knife are there 
but where is the sheep

the knife in his hand
raised above his beating heart
never came to rest

- VaYera 2022, Rabbi Menachem Creditor 

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