Sep 3, 2009

asking for your help

Shalom Everyone,

I'm asking for your help.  Liz, my wife, has been training for a half-marathon as part of "Team-Jon", a group of friends from our community coming together to support a very dear friend of ours, Jon Galinson, who is battling leukemia. He and his wife have two young daughters who are friends with our two youngest children.  The situation doesn't look good, and we're constantly thinking about him and sending all the strength we can. 

Besides the personal fulfillment and challenge preparing for the half-marathon has provided of Liz, she is also obligated by her commitment to raising $2100.00 to fund research for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).  To date, she has only received $1,039.  That means she needs about $950 more to be able to take her place with Team Jon, running for a cure.  No matter how little you might be able to give, I'm asking you to please give it.  I wish none of this were necessary, but Jon isn't the only person sick, and the only real response to leukemia is funding and generating hope and purpose.  Liz's commitment is all of that and more.

Please, please, please: Click on and give whatever you can.  $10 isn't too little, and there's no such think as too much.  I've watched Liz these past months pushing herself over and over, all the while giving of her soul along with some heroic friends.  Without $950 more, Liz won't be able to participate in the Run, and necessary funding will have that much less.  Please click on and give some tzedakah.  It makes a serious difference in so many ways.

Thank You, and Shannah Tovah,