Sep 16, 2009

a Yearlong Sunday Morning Series at CNS with Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Rabbi Shalom Bochner!

Announcing a Yearlong Sunday Morning Series at CNS

with Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Rabbi Shalom Bochner!


During the coming year Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Rabbi Shalom Bochner will explore six subjects on six Sunday mornings during the coming year, part of the larger celebrated CNS Sunday Morning Minyan and Speaker series!  The themes of these six presentations will connect to exploring the concept of a Jewish Community.  Shacharit begins at 9:30 AM, followed by breakfast and a talk/discussion from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM.  Everyone is welcome!


·         Oct 25: Rabbi Menachem Creditor: "The Necessity of Windows"

·         Nov. 8: Rabbi Shalom Bochner: "Jewish Obligation/Relationships Beyond the Self" 

·         Dec. 6: Rabbi Menachem Creditor: "Jewish Leadership" 

·         Jan. 10: Rabbi Shalom Bochner: "Jewish Communal Education"

·         Feb. 7: Rabbi Menachem Creditor: "Jewish Norms/Values" 

·         Mar. 21: Rabbi Shalom Bochner: "The Place of Generations" 


October 25: Rabbi Creditor: "The Necessity of Windows", celebrating Rabbi Creditor's chapter in the newly published book: Torah Queeries  (NYU Press) The portrayal of Jewish tradition as a self-contained system freezes a naturally evolving civilization into a limited legal tradition based on one moment in its history.  This reduction of tradition not only translates inherited tradition into the realm of "untouchability", it also rejects the validity and holiness of the outside world.  Join this conversation discussing a Judaism most authentically practiced when its religious leadership, in a process of healthy assimilation, combines the best of the inside with the best of the outside.  


November 8: Rabbi Bochner:  "Jewish Obligation/Relationships Beyond the Self"
As we continue our series on what Jewish Community means, we'll examine the question of defining our obligations to our fellow and examining our relationships with people beyond our immediate family. Through exploring traditional texts that inform our approach to these concepts we'll also examine how we live these values at Netivot Shalom and how we can define and refine what it means to be part of a healthy, engaged community.


December 6: Rabbi Menachem Creditor: "Jewish Leadership" Jewish leaders, professional and volunteer, care very deeply about their communities.  But how many of us have experienced a Jewish Leadership training program?  Based on one such program he created and led in Boston ("J-Lead"), Rabbi Creditor will present a basic overview of Jewish Leadership Core Competencies, as well as suggest reading material for further developing leadership skills.  

January 10: Rabbi Bochner: "Jewish Communal Education"
Generational continuity and teaching our children are core Jewish values.  As part of our continuing series on exploring Jewish community we'll examine the role of education in Judaism and how we approach LifeLong Learning here at Netivot Shalom.  What are the central values we are to teach?  What should be the curriculum in our diverse community?  Where are we meeting the challenges and where do we need to put more emphasis as a congregation of teachers and learners?

February 7: Rabbi Creditor: "Jewish Norms/Values"
What are our norms?  What does that mean anyway?!  In a world where rules are more likely to be questioned than followed, how do we decide if choices we make are right?  What determines the authenticity of communal policy?  During this conversation, Rabbi Creditor will touch on Kashrut, Interfaith Relationships, Jewish Burial and Birth Practices, and more.


March 21: Rabbi Bochner: "The place of the generations"   "We tell of God's greatness from generation to generation."  What are the duties of one generation to another?  How do we best listen to and learn from each other?  As we conclude our series on Jewish community, we'll examine the role of generations and how we best provide for an organic community where the generations mix freely and also have their own specific needs attended to.  We'll look at texts that speak to these questions and see how these lessons can be applied to our Netivot Shalom community.


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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