Nov 18, 2009

This Sunday at CNS! Rambam, Minyan, and a presentation by Rabbi Daniel Kohn

This Sunday at CNS! Rambam, Minyan,
and a presentation by Rabbi Daniel Kohn

9 - 9:30 AM - Rabbi Creditor will conduct  on Rambam's Hilchot Tefillah/Laws of Prayer.  Rambam (Maimonides) wrote "Laws of Jewish Prayer", a volume of his comprehensive Mishnah Torah so communities could study Jewish tradition together.  This preparation for the Minyan, will be based on the original text in the Hebrew with English translation.

9:30 AM - Shacharit minyan
Services will be followed by breakfast thanks to Art and Sheila Braufman to commemorate the yahrtzeit of Art's mother, Pauline Braufman, and at 10:30 AM:

Rabbi Daniel Kohn will discuss "Jewish FAQs: An Internet Rabbi's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Judaism".    Rabbi Kohn's recently published book with the above name is a selection of three hundred of the best, most intriguing, and informative questions that Rabbi Kohn answered over eight-years as an original volunteer for America Online's Ask a Rabbi. Rabbi Daniel Kohn has served as a congregational leader and professional Jewish educator on the East and West coasts. He has published numerous articles and books on Jewish education, spirituality, conversion, and classical Jewish texts. Currently, he is the rabbi in residence of the Contra Costa Jewish Day. A third-degree black belt  of Aikido and student of Tai Chi, Rabbi Kohn, a member of Netivot Shalom lives in Mill Valley with his wife and their three children.  Books will be available for purchase.  For more, go to