Nov 20, 2009

Winter 2009/2010 Issue of CJ: Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism

Winter 2009/2010 Issue of CJ: Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism



In A Tale of a Movement, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's DR. RAYMOND B. GOLDSTEIN challenges our congregations to take action to keep Conservative Judaism vibrant

CORY R. SCHNEIDER of Women's League for Conservative Judaism encourages Weaving Passions into Actions

The new president of FJMC, MARK BERLIN, describes The Long Arm of the FJMC


The Bookshelf
RABBI NEIL GILLMAN discusses some new books that highlight aspects of Jewish history and tradition

Why I Am A Conservative Jew
DR. FRED PASSMAN'S autobiographical essay traces his search for a Jewish community that meets his needs spiritually, intellectually, and ritually

Students Talk About Conservative Judaism
Five Koach leaders – participants in United Synagogue's college program – talk about their relationship to the Conservative movement

Reclaiming Poland
During an emotional tour of Poland, RACHEL POMERANCE reports, the 70 cantors who made the trip come to understand why it is time to liberate Poland from its overwhelming association with the Holocaust

Rethinking Holocaust Programming
While we should never stop remembering the uniquely Jewish experience of the Shoah, DANIEL M. KIMMEL explains that remembering it should also compel us to emphasize its lessons today as genocide continues around the world

Aliyah and the Conservative Movement
RABBI DAVID GOLINKIN wants Conservative Jews to make aliyah a priority. At the same time, CJ looks at pictures of Conservative Jews who made aliyah this year

Conservative Rabbis Move to Israel
It might come as a surprise that it is particularly difficult for Conservative rabbis to make aliyah, according to JACOB DALLAL

Israel's Ministry for Religious Affairs - A Strategic Threat
According to YIZHAR HESS, the Orthodox Israeli rabbinate is almost out of control

Do Jewish Artists Make Jewish Art?
Four artists who happen to be Jewish talk to JOANNE PALMER about how their art and their lives are intertwined

Creating Sacred Space: Synagogue Design for the Twenty-First Century
Spiritual, communal, emotional, and participatory describe today's synagogue services. BONNIE RIVA RAS looks at how those concepts are incorporated into the buildings that house today's congregations

Women Speak - Sisters in Battle: Maccabees of A Different Nature
LISA KOGEN shares stories of some extraordinary Jewish women whose military courage and skill are particularly inspiring at Chanukah

What's Chanukah Without Latkes
Enjoy some mouthwatering recipes

Sparks of Halachah
For STAN BEINER, the Epstein School's engagement in the halachic process was as much about community as the nature of prayer

Beyond B'nai Mitzvah
RABBI CHARLES SIMON offers an intriguing way to engage teenagers in synagogue life

Taking Rosh Chodesh to a New Level
Women's League offers a virtual rosh chodesh group

Intermarried Challenges and Opportunities
For RUTH NEMZOFF, engaging the many faces of Jewish families can add energy to our communities

Shtey Glaykh: Yiddish Lessons
GERALD M. SIEGEL reminisces about how Yiddish reclaimed a role in his life

You Say Tomato, I Say Tamahto
Even if you say phylacteries instead of tefillin, STAN GREENSPAN invites you to participate in FJMC's next World Wide Wrap

Betting on Belief
SAUL GOLUBCOW is grateful for the wisdom about belief in God that his father gave him

The Visitor
ABE BUNIS'S faith is restored when he can share a prayer with a visitor to his hospital room

Special Guests at the FJMC Convention
MICHAEL ABADI introduces several young Latin American Jews, members of HaDor Habah – The Next Generation, who were guests at the FJMC convention

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