Apr 28, 2010

MK's Rotem and Ayalon visiting in the US -- to talk with Masorti/Conservative Leadership

[shared with permission from Rabbi Peretz Rodman, acting chair of the Masorti Movement's public affairs committee]

Minister of Knesset David ("Dudu") Rotem is visiting now in the US (along with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon) to convince Masorti/Conservative leadership that Rotem's proposal for a law regulating the conversion process in Israel will not disenfranchise our movement from conducting conversions in and out of Israel.  

If Rotem and Ayalon see that across the geographical divide, our movement speaks in one voice, and if they see that they also cannot succeed in driving a wedge between us and the Reform movement's leaders either by pretending to find us so much more authentic and reasonable than our Reform friends, then they will act to ensure that our concerns are reflected in the wording of the bill before it is brought to a vote.

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