Apr 7, 2010

OneVoice Presentation About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

OneVoice Presentation About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Monday, April 12, 5pm.

Congregation Netivot Shalom, 1316 University Avenue, Berkeley


Bissan Al Helu and Shlomi Haar are instrumental parts of the OneVoice Movement, a non-partisan international grassroots movement of Israeli and Palestinian activists.  They represent hundreds of OneVoice Israeli and Palestinian youth activists who are working within their communities to spread the message of moderation, non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution. The OneVoice Movement is a mainstream grassroots movement with over 600,000 signatories in roughly equal numbers both in Israel and in Palestine, and 1,800 highly-trained youth leaders. It aims to amplify the voice of moderates who wish for peace and prosperity, empowering them to demand accountability from elected representatives and work toward a two-state solution guaranteeing an end to occupation and violence, and a viable, independent Palestinian state at peace with Israel. Learn more by visiting www.OneVoiceMovement.org

Chag Sukkot Sameach, dear friends.