May 10, 2010

ynetnews: "Haredim riot in Jerusalem, chanting "Nazis" at police"

01:08 , 05.11.10


Violent Night
Photo: Yossi Fuchs, News 24Garbage bin on fire in Jerusalem Photo: Yossi Fuchs, News 24 
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Haredim riot in Jerusalem

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox residents block roads, set garbage bins on fire to express their displeasure with arrest of haredi protest organizer; police officer wounded, three demonstrators detained
Shmulik Grossman

Ultra-orthodox fury: Hundreds of haredim rioted in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood Monday night, blocking roads, setting garbage bins on fire, and hurling stones at police forces.


The protestors chanted "Nazis" at police and later headed to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway, blocked it, and shattered the windows of a police cruiser.


The reason for the latest angry outburst is the arrest of neighborhood resident Fischel Greenfeld, suspected of organizing violent haredi protests about two years ago. The demonstrations at the time were directed at an electronics chain that sold goods "banned" by rabbis to the Orthodox public, including MP4 players.


Violent night in Jerusalem (Photo: Yossi Fuchs, News 24)


Greenfeld has been abroad ever since the protests and was detained upon landing in Israel last week. His remand has been extended.


Three protestors were detained during Monday night's riots, including a 17-year-old American who was nabbed in possession of stones in his pocket.


Eyewitnesses told Ynet that one police officer sustained light wounds after a stone hit his head.


In the wake of the growing violence on the haredi street in recent days, and as preparations get underway for Jerusalem Day - to be marked Wednesday - the riots drew senior police officers to the scene. The police presence on the streets included mounted officers and special riot police, as well as a truck that sprayed water at the protestors.


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