Jun 9, 2010

a fascinating website - bethetenth.com


BeTheTenth.com is an interactive website where you can virtually become the tenth person of a minyan. This website is designed to let you experience reciting the mourner's kaddish with a minyan. Although reciting kaddish in this way does not fulfill one's obligation according to traditional Jewish law, it can give you an experiential understanding of the practice.

what is kaddish?

After the death of a parent, it is traditional for Jews to recite the mourner's kaddish prayer at least once and up to three times a day for eleven months. It is part of daily services that Jews recite morning, afternoon, and evening. Following the death of a spouse, sibling, or child, the kaddish is recited for thirty days. On the anniversary of the death each year the mourner's kaddish is again recited.

The actual kaddish prayer does not mention death. The central theme of the kaddish is the magnification and sanctification of God's name. When ten people come together to pray and kaddish is recited, it is a moving experience to hear the congregation respond in unison, "May His great name be blessed, forever and ever."

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A Prayer for Israel in Troubled Times: http://shefanetwork.org/prayerforisrael.pdf

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