Nov 17, 2010

"Elephants in the Room" Workshop this Sunday

The Elephants in the Room

Death, Dying and Cemetery Options


Rabbi Stuart Kelman and David Stein

We often try to ignore the elephants but eventually, we will have to deal with them.  In our workshop (Sunday Nov. 21st at 9:30 in the library) we address two topics about death:

  • Why now is the time to prepare for it, and
  • What are our Jewish traditions concerning death and the practical steps we can take to prepare ourselves, our family, and our community.

We will touch on:

  • Options you have if you become fatally sick
  • Legal matters you need to take care of now
  • Jewish traditions surrounding death and dying
  • What support do you expect from the synagogue community? Chevra Kadisha, Gemilut Hasadim, and Bikur Cholim: what do these volunteer groups do?
  • Cemetery options?  General and green cemeteries: what are the costs?  what do mortuaries provide and their costs?  what about cremation?
  • How your wishes can be honored and respected by Netivot synagogue community.

November 21st - 9:30 in the library.  Morning food will be served!

Congregation Netivot Shalom
1316 University Avenue
Berkeley, California 94702
Congregation Netivot Shalom | 1316 University Avenue | Berkeley | CA | 94702