Feb 2, 2011

Call for participants in a research project: Would you be willing to share the story of your Jewish identity?

--- Call for participants in a research project ---
Would you be willing to share the story of your Jewish identity?

Dr. Nurit Novis Deutsch, a researcher from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a congregant at Netivot Shalom, is conducting a study on the Jewish identity of religious individuals in the Bay Area, under the auspices of the Institute of Human Development at UC Berkeley. Nurit is looking for people over the age of 22 who define themselves as religiously engaged Jews and who are willing to be interviewed for this study. 

Participation entails an interview of 1-2 hours, during which the participant is invited to share the story of his or her Jewish identity though a series of open-ended questions. Complete anonymity and all other ethical rights of participants are guaranteed. If you are interested, please e-mail 
nuritnovis@berkeley.edu with your name and phone number, or contact Nurit directly for more details at 510-334-6492. 

This study is aimed at learning from the extraordinary Jewish communities of the Bay area. Your help and participation would be deeply appreciated and could really make a difference in understanding religious Jewish identity!

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