Feb 1, 2011

United Synagogue remembers Debbie Friedman

Remembering Debbie Friedman 30 Days Later

We mark Debbie Friedman's shloshim - the end of the 30-day period following her death - with music and gratitude. Her music brought countless Jews back to Judaism, and changed the sound of Jewish life. The song of her life was joy and light and deep soulfulness, and it drew many Jews closer to the community, to each other, and perhaps even to God. There is not a Conservative synagogue in North America that has not used something she wrote, and most likely there are few synagogue-going Conservative Jews who do not have some of her melodies in their hearts, even if they do not know she wrote it.

United Synagogue offers this program for synagogues considering shloshim programs honoring Debbie Friedman.