Jul 26, 2011

JFCS/East Bay is pleased to co-present the following films at the 31st Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (in Berkeley)

JFCS/East Bay is pleased to co-present the following films at the 31st Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival:
  • Mabul (The Flood): (Sunday, July 31, 6:30 pm at the Roda Theatre, Berkeley RepOn a tumbledown collective farm on Israel's coast, the Rosko family struggles to keep up appearances while hiding their sins, small and large, from one another. Teacher Miri (Ronit Elkabetz) is having an affair; husband Gidi is surreptitiously unemployed; and late-blooming son Yoni pacifies class bullies by selling them completed homework assignments. When his autistic brother suddenly rejoins the household, tensions mount, secrets emerge and Yoni's bar mitzvah reading--about Noah and the flood--takes on deeper meanings in this exquisite drama nominated for six Israeli Academy Awards. 
  • Standing Silent: (Monday, August 1, 2:00 pm at the Roda Theatre, Berkeley RepStanding Silent profiles the heroic efforts of Phil Jacobs, a reporter for the Baltimore Jewish Times, as he relentlessly pursues sexual predators, including prominent rabbis and community leaders, in Baltimore's insular Orthodox Jewish community. However, rather than being celebrated for his efforts, Jacobs, an observant Jew, instead faces ostracism from a community more intent on shielding itself from external scrutiny than on protecting its young people from abuse.  

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