Aug 26, 2011

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The Adult Ed Newsletter

Congregation Netivot Shalom



August-September, 2011 - Av Elul, 5771



Welcome to the first edition of Ha-Mahberet*- The Notebook - the occasional newsletter of the Adult Ed Committee.  Ha-Mahberet will keep you posted about the many adult educational programs at Netivot Shalom.  We are sending our occasional newsletter to people who have expressed an interest in adult directed educational and enrichment programs at our synagogue.

The Adult Ed Committee is currently planning classes, book reviews, stimulating lectures, workshops and films that we believe you will find interesting.  In Ha-Mahberet we will announce new programs, classes, and workshops, and updates on times and places.  In addition we will send you links and descriptions of other programs in our community that might be of interest to you..

Please forward these newsletters on to your friends and ask them to send an email to to have their name added to our mailing list.

We hope to see you at shul - and especially at one of our events.

For the Adult Ed Committee,

David Stein, chair

Edna Stewart, Marcia Brooks, Stephen Tobias, Judith Radowsky, Bill Stewart, and Rabbi Shalom Bochner

*A note on our name:  Mahberet is a noun derived from the root [chet - bet- reish] the same root that chaver "friend" or "cohort" comes from, and the same root that "connect" comes from.  So our "notebook" acts as a friendly connection for you about our programs.

The Blog 

Listed below are a collection of classes and programs beginning in August.  Each has a link connecting the entry to the relevant page in our Adult Education Blog. You may also click on the following link which will provide you with additional information about our programs:


 Adult Education Blog 


At the end of this issue of Ha-Mahberet you will find information about our on-going weekly programs, Wednesday's La'asok, Thursday's Talmud, and Shabbat Torah Study. They are all no-charge drop in classes open to everyone.


Upcoming Classes - August

Yeshivat Lev Shalem -  

Aug. 30th, 31st, and Sept. 1st 

To prepare for the High Holy Days,the Adult Education Elul Learning Institute presents a three evenings of information and inspiration all based on our new Machzor Lev Shalom. 

Back again this year, the Yeshivat Lev Shalem offers all new enriching and enjoyable evenings of food, davening, and classes. Our distinguished faculty includes a number of rabonim including Rabbis Stuart Klelman, Menachem Creditor, Shalom Bochner, Mimi Weisel, Daniel Isaacson, and Avi Novis-Deutch; along with our members Judy Massarano, Barry Kamil, Judith Radousky, and others.

Each evening begins with an optional dinner at 6 pm, followed by Mincha at 7 pm.  Classes begin at 7:30 and Ma'ariv at 9:30.  Coffee and a nosh will be served between classes.  A donation to the Adult Education Fund is suggested. 

Joining us for Dinner?  Please RSVP to Rachel Schorr in our office ( if you plan to have dinner and for which evenings.  Dinner costs $10/adult for each night payable in advance; or, $12 at the door!

Upcoming Events -September

Yehuda Amichai: Commentaries on the Tanach

 with Rabbi Sheldon Dorph

A series of classes which will examines the radical poetic interpretation of Biblical texts and Jewish ideas by Israel's poet laureate, Yehuda Amichai.  8 Sessions [Sept. 6th, 13th, & 20th; Oct. 4th, 18th, & 25th; Nov. 1st.and Nov 8th.]  Tuition is $125: some scholarships are available.  Classes begin September 6th at 7:30 in the Library.  RSVP to Rachel


For more information, click here: Yehudah Amichai 


Special Elul Study of Rav Kook's Seminal Work: The Lights of Penitence


with Josh Gressel

Perhaps no one writes with more authority, more generosity of spirit, and more depth and understanding on tshuvah than Rav Kook. Join Josh Gressel for an Elul study of select passages from "Lights of Penitence" - Rav Kook's most famous and most studied work. The course will take place. on three consecutive Thursdays leading up to Rosh Hashana:September 8th, 15th, and 22ndfrom 7:30 - 9:00 pm in the Netivot Shalom Library. A $36 donation to the Netivot Shalom Adult Education Fund is requested; however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.


For more information, click here: Rav Kook


Slichot - September 24th at 8:45 pm

We will begin with Havdalah with singing, and a nosh.

9:30 class begins with Rabbi Bochner and "Stories of Tshuvah"

10:30 class with Rabbi Creditor. "Joyful Trembling: Glimpses into Rosh HaShannah"

Slichot services begin at 11:15 pm led by Rabbi Daniel Isaacson


On-Going Weekly Classes for Adults at CNS 


After Kiddush Classes and Discussions

In the Library. . ."after Kiddush" each Shabbat

Each Shabbat, after Kiddush (around 1 pm) a speaker presents a topic for discussion.  Often this venue is the place to hear visiting scholars, book reviews, developments in a field of inquiry like Biblical Archeology, or listen to poetry.


  • There will be a special After-Kiddush Program on Shabbat September 3rd in the Netivot Sanctuary.  Rabbi Yosef Leibowitz, former rabbi of Cong. Beth Israel, is currently the director of the Yad Yaakov Fund for Jewish Education.  He is also Rabbi at the Minyan Hachadash in Kfar Saba.  Rabbi Leibowitz will speak about this week's Parashah, Shoftim. This event is co-sponsored by Netivot Shalom, Congregation Beth Israel, and Beth El, Berkeley.

Intermediate Talmud Class with Rabbi Shalom Bochner

Thursdays at 5:45 in the Library

Come and learn the origins of the Sidur through our weekly journey through Masechet Berachot - Tractate Blessings. Comfort with reading Hebrew is preferred.  Learn the teachings and humor of our sages. It's got everything - including the kitchen sink!  And we generally debate with each other in the spirit of the sages!

There is no charge for this on-going class, but a donation to the Adult Ed Fund would be appreciated.

La'asok - with Rabbis Bochner and Creditor

Wednesday's at 1 pm in the Library

After the Yamim Nora'im, we begin our fourth year of weekly study.  This year we will explore topics relating to Jewish ethics and practices.  Our texts will be Heschel's God in Search of Man and Klein's The Guide to Jewish Religious Practices.  Come to La'asok to stay or just drop in to be part of the discussion about challenging topics confronting our lives.  Our discussions are often challenging and comforting.

There is no charge for this on-going class, but a donation to the Adult Ed Fund would be appreciated.

Shabbat Torah Study

9:00 am, Shabbat Mornings in the Library

Read, discuss, and debate the week's Parasha.  We use Etz Chayim as our text.  We often have professional teachers lead the discussion, but just as often skilled volunteers from our congregation are our leaders.

There is no charge for this on-going year-long class, but a donation to the Adult Ed Fund can help continue this and other free classes.  See you next Shabbat at Torah Study!


Support Us


The Adult Education Fund

Netivot Shalom, from its founding in 1989, has had a policy of providing most of its Adult programming at no-charge.  Providing adult educational programming was a prime motivation for establishing our synagogue.

Because some of our teachers are professionals and need to be paid for their services, we charge tuition.  However, people unable to pay the tuition are never turned away.  We make up the difference needed by accessing our Adult Education Fund.

In addition, we use the fund to help develop programs and pay honoraria to visiting scholars.


Please consider a tax deductible contribution to the Adult Ed Fund the next time to come to a no-charge event as an expression of thanks to the synagogue. 

Donation envelopes are available outside the office door.  Mark your donation as for the Adult Education Fund.  Thank you.


For Adult Ed Donations, please click here:  DONATE NOW