Aug 8, 2011

Opportunity to List Job Postings for Ramah Staff Members

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National Ramah Commission, Inc. of The Jewish Theological Seminary

August 8, 2011

 8 Av 5771

Reminder re. Opportunity to List Job Postings for Ramah Staff Members


Dear Colleagues:


Last week, we contacted rabbis, hazzanim and educators about an opportunity to reach out to Ramah staff members regarding employment opportunities at Conservative synagogues and schools. (See email below.)


We have circulated a list of the job postings that we had received as of August 7 to current staff and staff alumni. Please click here to see this list.


If you would still like to submit a posting, please click here to complete the survey. We will send out an updated list to Ramah staff members sometime in the next two weeks, depending on the number of new responses that we receive.


If you have any questions, please contact Shoshana Holzberg-Pill in the National Ramah office at 212-678-8881.


Kayitz na'im,


Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Ramah Director 


August 2011 / Av 5771


Dear Rabbis, Hazzanim and Educators:


Each summer, more than 1,500 university students and other young adults serve as leaders in our Ramah camps. Many of these terrific men and women serve our Movement's synagogues and schools during the academic year as teachers, administrators, youth and family program leaders, High Holiday educators and more.


Although many of our staff members have already found positions in synagogues and schools, Ramah would like to create an even better system for matching the right candidate with the best employer.


Therefore, if you are interested in hearing from Ramah staff who live or study near your community, please complete this survey. We will compile a list of all available positions and make it accessible to all Ramah staff, as well as to those who have listed positions. We will also compile a list of any Ramah staff seeking positions and circulate that to you as well.


As Ramah continues to thrive and nurture the next generation of Jewish educators, we are very happy to help in this placement wherever possible. Together with our new Ramah Service Corps and our Ramah College Network, all of us at National Ramah and our camp directors are committed to connecting more of what we do at camp with year-round settings of Jewish education.


If you have any questions, please contact the National Ramah office at (212) 678-8881 or  


We look forward to hearing from you.


Kayitz na'im,



Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Director  



Amy Skopp Cooper, National Assistant Director