Sep 26, 2011

Rosh Hashana e-Shiur from the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

Rosh Hashana E-Shiur

The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

The Conservative Yeshiva is pleased to bring you this E-Shiur, "Zohar on the Holidays of Tishrei" by Dr. Shaiya Rothberg.

The E-shiur can be downloaded in pdf and printed out, for your convenience. The sources in the original (Hebrew and Aramaic) with translation into English can be downloaded here.

We hope this E-Shiur contributes to your High Holiday learning!

On behalf of all at the Conservative Yeshiva, we wish you Shana Tova.

Rabbi Shmuel (Richard) Lewis, Rosh Yeshiva 

Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, Director