Sep 15, 2011

What Color are Jews?  Exploring the Diversity of Our Community Locally and Globally
Local photographer, Bryan Schwartz documented the global Jewish community in his exhibit, Scattered Among the Nations, which opens Sept. 18 at Temple SinaiScattered Among the Nations challenges the stereotypes of what Jews look like. 

Date:    September 18    
Time:    5:00-7:00pm
Place:   Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland
Information: Dawn Kepler,
Co-sponsored with Temple Sinai & Lehrhaus Judaica
Dawn C. Kepler, Director
Building Jewish Bridges:
Embracing Interfaith Couples
2736 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA  94704
Scattered Among the Nations  View a magnificent photo exhibit of Jews around the globe. Opening night with speaker & photographer, Bryan Schwartz.  Sept. 18 at 5pm in Oakland. Call for details.