Jan 1, 2012

Let There Be Light - the Masorti response to children in concentration camp uniforms and yellow stars

tumblr_lx4zuuJ9ET1r9tkq7o1_500.jpg tumblr_lx4zx8RgDM1r9tkq7o1_500.jpg tumblr_lx501mxirI1r9tkq7o1_400.jpg

In response to photos of the protests in Jerusalem where a misguided few dressed their children in concentration camp uniforms and yellow stars, we cannot stay silent. Whatever they meant, they told the world that their Judaism is engulfed in darkness. We live rich Jewish lives every day. Our Judaism adds meaning and purpose. Our Judaism exists to bring light to the world. If you feel the same way, please share a photo! Let's show everyone what Judaism means to us!


Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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