Jun 11, 2013

No. More. Names. (6 months since Newtown)

No More Names: The Drive to Reduce Gun Violence Friday marks six months since the mass shooting in Newtown, CT. It also marks six months of inaction from Congress.

That's why we're launching an ambitious, nationwide bus tour that will bring survivors and supporters directly to members of Congress across the country.

No More Names: The Drive to Reduce Gun Violence will visit 25 states in 100 days. We will stand in front of the local offices of members of Congress and read the names of Americans murdered with guns since Newtown, who number more than 5,000 and counting. They need to hear that every day they delay reform, more people will die.

Please make a donation of $33 or more to support the No More Names drive.

The drive begins this Friday, in Newtown. Mayors Against Illegal Guns is organizing a day of remembrance with family members of victims. We're coming together to remember those who were lost at Sandy Hook Elementary, and to rally in support of reducing gun violence.

Every day, 33 people are murdered with guns in this country.

This past April, a minority of U.S. senators voted to block bipartisan legislation that would have saved lives by requiring criminal background checks for all commercial gun sales.

We can do better.

Your donation will go to convince our elected leaders that the time to fix our broken gun laws is now.

Please give $33 or more today to support No More Names: The Drive to Reduce Gun Violence:


Thank you for your support,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

P.S. -- If you are going to be in the Newtown area on Friday, please RSVP to join us for the day of remembrance.


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