Jun 5, 2013

What happens in Vegas...

Support common sense gun reform in Nevada and across the country. Something amazing happened in Nevada -- something that would have been inconceivable just a year or two ago.

Thanks to thousands of grassroots supporters like you, the Nevada state legislature just passed a historic bill requiring background checks for all guns sales. But despite overwhelming support from Nevadans, Governor Brian Sandoval has threatened to veto the bill (SB-221).

You don't live in Nevada, so why does this matter to you?

First, Nevada is the second largest source of crime guns used in California. Their weak gun laws allow criminals to buy guns without background checks and then transport them to other states.

Second, what's happening in Nevada right now reflects what's happening all across the country. This year, Legislatures in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, and Colorado have all passed common sense gun laws strengthening background checks. But the gun lobby keeps trying to override the will of the people, and we can't let them get away with it.

Please make a donation of $33 or more to keep the pressure on Governor Sandoval and urge him to pass this life-saving bill.

Even though Nevada has a strong gun culture, we've made major progress because it's possible to respect the Second Amendment and still do more to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

The hard work of grassroots organizers, mayors, law enforcement, and partners in Nevada and across the country have gotten us this far. But we can't stop now!

Support common sense gun reform in Nevada and across the country. Make a donation of $33 or more right now:


Thank you for your support,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns


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