Jul 26, 2013

A Pre-Shabbes Note! (It's Good to be Home)

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A Note from Rabbi Creditor
July 26, 2013
19 Av, 5773
Dear Chevreh,

It's good to be home.

I was blessed to spend these last weeks with my family at Camp Ramah in New England, where the Jewish values we
 cherish as Netivot Shalom pervaded meals, sports, art, music and much, much more. There are many special Jewish summer camps in the world but for me, as an egalitarian/traditional Jew, there is simply no place like Camp Ramah. My soul is refueled thanks to the magic of Ramah. (And, if this week is any measure of our community's year to come, that's going to be quite useful!)
These last few days have contained life and loss, catching-up and preparing to launch, reconnecting and newness. 

Just yeterday we lost Judy Lieberman z"l, a dear friend and leader of our community. Our Jewish values are lived through the holy work of our Chevrah Kaddisha and Shiva minyan leaders, and all of us who attend to this deepest of all mitzvot.

Just yesterday we started organizing our Malachim, our greeters, for Yamim Nora'im (Rosh haShannah and Yom Kippur). The High Holidays are the greatest opportunity we have to greet with warmth many, many members, and many possible members - and those just looking for a safe loving Jewish home for the holidays. Our Jewish values live in this way too.

Just yesterday a Beit Din was scheduled to affirm the Jewish identities of two people who have been in the process of converting to Judaism. 

Just yesterday a new Erev Shabbat celebration and dinner program for families was created by Molly Shapiro, our new Director of Youth Community and Connection. (The catchy name is "ReLiSh: Ruach Lifnei Shabbat", music and spirit before Shabbat - stay tuned for more!)

If you are waiting for your moment to jump in, don't wait. Jump. We exist as a shul to share life moments together, to support each other, to sing together, to learn and celebrate - to jump in together

Friends, there's so much more to share. Suffice it to say that this year is going to be a vibrant, strong, exciting year at Netivot Shalom. I can't wait for it to begin!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Creditor