Oct 30, 2013

Fwd: A Message from Rabbi Menachem Creditor

October 30, 2013
Scholar in Residence Weekend

Rabbi Creditor asked the 3rd-7th graders & their parents- What did you do yesterday to save the world? What will you do today?" Multi-aged groups shared their responses to this powerful question.

Thanks from Rabbi Creditor

I just wanted to say how blessed I feel to have been part of Kehillah's community this past Shabbat/weekend. From the very first moment with Linda, picking me up at the airport and sharing some of her love for Simone z"l with me, to davening/eating/learning with the community on Friday night, to soaking in Rabbi Jen's Shabbat entrancing davening, to sharing more Torah and learning throughout Shabbat, and then sharing time with the Hebrew School children and families Sunday morning... North Carolina has its own Jerusalem, and it's located within the hearts of Kehillah Synagogue. 

The spirits of Martin and Simone z"l are alive and well, pulsing and challenging each of us to save the world, person by person. I cannot thank you enough for the humbling honor of teaching in their memory.

May Kehillah's spirit transform the world by hearing the Jewish call for Justice and acting on it, touching one heart and soul at a time.

Much Love,

 Todah Rabah

This weekend would not have been possible without our dedicated committee- Adele Roth, Linda Frankel, Kathy Soule, Hannah Chase, Cara Siegel, Malinda Berman and Marion Robboy. Thank you to all the volunteers that assisted the commitee-Lew Margolis, Michele Rivkin-Fish, Julie Harris, Etan, Noam & Jayden Gumerman, Ava & Lee Nackman, Sue Blaustein, Randy, Matti & Ari Kauftheil, David Luks & Adina Orenstein-Luks, Gerry Cohn, Amy Entwistle & Adina Davidson.


Behind the Scenes
The weekend was made possible by Simone and Martin who made a generous donation to Kehillah in their will. Kehillah established the Scholars-in-Residence fund with this legacy gift, and will use the interest to bring in a dynamic scholar biennially.  It is powerful to reflect on how Simone and Martin - even after their deaths - continue to enrich our community through this gift of love and caring.  We welcome your donations to help grow the Lipman Scholars-in-Residence Fund. Additionally, a bequest to the Kehillah, similar to the one made by Simone and Martin, will have a lasting impact on the life of our community.  For more information contact Anne Maner.


For me, It was an awesome weekend at every level...spiritual nourishment, culinary delights and  lively conversations with members of our diverse community --- Just what I always hoped my synagogue community would be like.   
What a wonderful Scholar in Residence . It was informative, stimulating and thought provoking.

How enlightening, enjoyable and thought provoking this Shabbat weekend with Rabbi Menachem Creditor was. His passion for social justice was inspiring. We discussed his ideas for what seemed like hours yesterday and today.  

This past weekend with Rabbi Jen and Rabbi Creditor was amazing! So much to think about and so much to do!


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