Oct 7, 2013

Fwd: This Friday Night: "Going Out, Coming Out" & save the date for a scholar in residence Shabbat!

Save the Date:
Netivot Shalom Scholar in Residence Shabbat with Rabbi Aaron Alexander!
Nov. 1-2
more info soon!


Rabbi Aaron Alexander is Associate Dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University in Los Angeles where he teaches rabbinic literature and Jewish law. He currently serves on the Committee for Jewish and Standards of the Conservative Movement and is a Rabbinic Leader in the American Social Justice Movement. 

from the CNS Young Adult Chevreh 
This Friday Night: "Going Out, Coming Out!"
This Friday night at 7pm we're having some special services: "Going Out, Coming Out."  In honor of Coming Out Day the Young Adults Committee is hosting Shabbat evening services and dinner celebrating our LGBT community and fantastic allies!
The parsha, Lech Lecha, tells of Abram's (Abraham) story of transformation, and Sarai (Sarah) passing as something she is not. All are welcome to join us and declare their true selves in celebration. Rabbi Mike Rothbaum and Rabbi Pam Frydman will lead services.


It brings us such great joy to host events and dinners for you! 
Unfortunately, our pocketbook doesn't like it as much
If you can 
just $10 to the Young Adult Committee your help would allow us to continue to buy food for Shabbat, snacks for game days, and your co-chairs lots of relief. 
It's simple -  click here - go to "Donate" and designate the funds for Young Adults!


And, of course, dinner and fun is open to all, no matter what your financial situation is. :) 
very early Shabbat Shalom!
Margee & Gabriel

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