Dec 9, 2013

“We Have Enough” - A Prayer to End Global Hunger

"We Have Enough"
A Prayer to End Global Hunger
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear God,

We are not asking You for more food. The bounty our precious, fragile earth yields is more than enough for everyone. We acknowledge today that it is our own human inattention that abandons 827 million people to food insecurity.

We have turned away. We have ignored. We have carelessly consumed. We have made false promises to change our ways. We have sinned, and today, with sisters and brothers spanning the globe, we pledge to do better.

We know there should be no hungry in a holy world, and we know we haven't done enough. You, God, call us to feed the hungry. We commit today to say "Amen" with deeds, not just with words, for we know no one is truly nourished by good intentions alone.

We praise You, God, for the gift of responsibility. It is not a light burden, and so we thank You for the ability to share the work with all people, in an infinite variety of Your image doing good for each other.

We ask you God:

Burn bright within our souls, and remind us to use the gifts of Your earth's bounty to eradicate hunger, one person at a time.

Burn bright within our souls, and fuel our passion for justice. Help us open our own eyes in gratitude with every bite we are blessed to have and to share.

May no one be left hungry, God, very, very soon.


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