Jul 15, 2014

What do I pray for now?

What do I pray for now?
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor 

Only Hours after landing from the @AIPAC #RabbinicMission2Israel, I am on a conference call with colleagues from the CCAR (Reform), RCA (Orthodox), and the RA (Conservative/Masorti), speaking with Ambassador Michael Oren about the situation in Israel, as missiles from Gaza continue to rain down on Israeli civilians. 

I'm proud to hear a question submitted by my friend and fellow participant Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin, making a crucial point: how can we express our gratitude appropriately to the US Administration for funding Iron Dome? I am literally crying from this question, as my life was spared at least twice by this shield during the past 10 days, when I witnessed myself its protective power.
I have never felt  so emotional about "funding" before, nor have I ever understood as well the importance of the US/Israel alliance. 

As Rabbi Dan Cohen points out as well, Iron Dome not only saved our lives this last week - it helps prevent war, or in this case, gives Israel the time to better think through what needs to be done so that the escalation does not need to happen right away. That saves lives on both sides. 

I've never felt so far away from home. 

I pray for a more basic thing than Peace, which is further away than before. I pray for what I heard many Israelis and Palestinians wish for during the AIPAC Progressive Rabbinic Mission to Israel, from which I just returned a few hours ago. 

I pray for a moment of quiet. For everyone. Just quiet to clear our heads, re-open our hearts, and return to living our lives.