Nov 9, 2016

Broken Glass: Yes, My Child

Broken Glass: Yes, My Child
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

The world turned upside down
with America first

1938 Germany
glass ceilings broke
burning synagogues
neighbors' hatred the accelerant
... tonight?

today my child tells me
she is scared
I am too


It is not 1938
and we do not go gently
and we do not go alone
we dare not go alone

broken bonds
threefold cords
calling for repair
for love
for love

yes, my child:
it will get worse
before it gets better
yes, my child:
I am afraid


I am here. Alive.
You are here. Alive.

Shards of broken glass
history's sharp, bloody call
to overcome,
to never forget
to walk this narrow bridge unafraid
to live fiercely with, not against

that banner yet waves
over kneeling brothers and sisters
hands up, heavy spirits all
teary eyes searching heaven
for reassurance

we are not resigned
not resigned
despair, an unforgivable sin

we will not hate
I will not hate

Say it with me, child:
I. Will. Not. Hate.
I. Will. Not. Hate.

the obligations of citizenship
have just begun.

Yes, my child:
the work has just begun.

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