Nov 29, 2016

Please support "Refugee Artists in Greece," an effort led by Dafna Bearson

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From Rabbi Creditor: 
Please support "Refugee Artists in Greece,"
an effort led by Dafna Bearson
Dear Chevreh,

Over Yom Kippur, Dafna Bearson challenged us all to:

"embrace [the prophet] Isaiah's challenge to move beyond prayer and actively repair the brokenness in ourselves and the world around us; to see ourselves in each stranger and reach out to strangers and friends with compassion. So that someday soon each child will grow up in a beautiful garden." (click here for her impassioned drasha)

Dafna has embodied the Jewish response to the prophetic call through her months in a Refugee Camp in Greece this Summer, her advocacy on campus and at shul, and now, through her leadership of "Refugee Artists in Greece,a project dedicated to amplifying refugee voices through their art.
Friends, I'm asking you to do more than tearfully cheer her on. Let's invest in justice. I'm making a gift right now, which needs $4,000 to happen. Stand with Dafna. I do.

Click here. Save the world by saving one life. Show our teacher that we're listening and in this together. Help Dafna help others and fulfill the Jewish moral lesson that faith is what we do with our bodies, with our means, and with our power. 

Our gratitude and admiration are one thing. Our commitment is the thing that matters more. Dafna is leading us forward, and I'm hoping you'll empower her to keep doing just that. Click here to make your gift.

With much love,

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