Jan 29, 2017

our bare hearts

our bare hearts
(c) rabbi menachem creditor

signs amidst baggage claims
hijabs and yarmulkes, megaphones and pizzas
lawmakers and preachers,
images everywhere
flashes on-screen
reflected in my overwhelmed eyes

my friends are everywhere
trying to put out
wildfires with their bare hearts
trying to counter
scattershot hatred with boundless love.

i lift up my eyes
to the mountains...

I beg You God, that angels surround
detained children, fractured families
my dehumanized cousins
alone, threatened by powerful ugliness

I beg You, God: tell me this isn't happening
that my world isn't being ravaged
by a new Pharoah and his magicians

I'm begging, God.
Tell me this isn't real.

And, God,
if You can't tell me this,
tell me something else:
What must we do to make it better
before it's too late?

Yes, God, we hear You.
It's always been the same answer,
though our pain feels different this time.
We know (it's just so damn hard to remember)
that there's only one answer:

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

Love deeper.
Love bigger.
Love stronger.
Love wiser.
Love freer.
Love fiercer.

God. Please.
Grant us more Holy Love.
Wake us from despair,
that we might see You
in each other's eyes
once again.