Nov 5, 2017

A Prayer after the #Church #Shooting in #SutherlandSprings, near #SanAntonio

A Prayer after the #Church #Shooting in #SutherlandSprings, near #SanAntonio

© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Please, God, please....
Open our eyes,
so that our hearts break appropriately.

How much blood must be spilled by guns in America before we remember  stand for life? Before we are brave enough to do the right thing?

We cannot become numb.
We will not become numb.
Do not become numb.

Faith demands we do not stand idly by.
We will not become paralyzed.
We cannot. It is not allowed.

Not when there are lives to save.
Your Images, torn and bloodied, God.
That is what we have done,
what we keep on doing...

Tears won't bring our fallen
sisters and brothers back.
So, living sisters,
So, living brothers,
cry, dry your shocked eyes,,
and get involved.

Too much blood spilled,
sanctified ground defiled.

We have sinned,
we have sinned,
we have sinned.

And, if we take no action,
we will have learned nothing,
we will have sinned again,
and needless deaths will be our fault.

This is on us.
Help us save each other, Dear God.
Help us.



Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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