Apr 5, 2020

A Nighttime Prayer for Our Healers

A Nighttime Prayer for Our Healers
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

You Bring Day and the light.
You Bring Night and the dark.
And You Divide them,
keeping each in place.

Dear One,
We ask Your protection
upon those who guard us day and night,
placing themselves between life and death,
fighting to keep each in their places.

Holy One,
Your Image is best reflected
in those who wrestle the chaos,
in those whose care defies limitation,
and whose mighty hearts
need a respite that will not come any time soon.

Loving Soul of the Universe,
please, please, please
Heal our healers.
Sustain our sustainers.
Bless those whose work
these days and nights
holds up Your whole universe.

May we, Your children,
wake to a world reborn just a bit,
spirits renewed just a bit,
healers strengthened, just a bit.
Maybe more.