Jan 27, 2009

HAG HaHAGGADAH: A Creative Festival 5769

1. Create a Haggadah which includes  the traditional  Seder elements  in Hebrew, English and/or transliteration. If you wish to download a Haggadah text it is available in Davkawriter6 at

NEW FOR 5768 /2008 COMPLETE TRADITIONAL HAGGADAH (Paginated) With Complete Traditional Hebrew Songs and English Parody Songs: DAVKAWRITER6 

Other software editions have their own text libraries of the traditional Haggadah which you can edit, illustrate, supplement, translate, transliterate, illuminate, format, etc. as you wish. All to my knowledge can be expofrted in a PDF which is essential. Other languages for translation, commentary and transliteration will be considered and judges found for evaluation if possible.

2. You may submit your entry only in a PDF. Itt may be composed in any software  and in any operating system of your choice, including but not limited to Davkawriter6 Platinum, Mellul for Mac, Dagesh, Microsoft Hebrew Windows, or others. Judges will consider only  a PDF submission - no other format including snail mail will be considered for judging.

3. Each entry must be accompanied with  a Jewish National Fund contribution confirmation number that you will receive when you make a minimum "hai" contribution for a tree in Israel via JNF. In additio to the elegibility for this contest you are also planting a tree - at least one - in your name in Israel. JNF will provide you with each individual confirmation number that must accompany each separate submission and registration.

4. We will accept entries for this first international creative Haggadah contest until Rosh Hodesh Adar.

5. Copyrighted material from any source - books, internet textual, photo or graphic - must have written permission affirmed to be used. Original artwork,  texts - translations, comments, commentary(ies) footnotes, endnotes - , photos, graphics, scans, etc. that you create are encouraged.

6. First prize in each division will be

a laptop computer;

additional prizes will include books and computer software;

all entries will be shared with interested publishers, and it will then be an individual negotiation between only the author(s) and the publisher;

(d) FFFE/Hag HaHAGGADAH does retain the right to post the PDF in our website, with full attribution to the creative author(s) and for any other purpose to support FFFE / Hag HaHAGGADAH  as a tax-exempt, non-profit educational corporation.

(e) we will advise you of new prizes on a regular basis at our up-date site.

7.  Weekly up-dates, suggestions, samples in my website

8. The divisions for which each has a first prize of a laptop computer are:
    (1) Elementary School grades K through 8;

    (2) High School grades 9 through 12;

    (3) Adults of all ages

9. All decisions of the President of FFFE are final and conclusive for this program

10. Questions, suggestions, new parody Seder Songs, ideas, resources off-line and on-line are welcomed at bdlerner1@gmail.com

Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner
'1969 MHL   1970 JTSA  1995  DD
President, Foundation For Family Education, Inc.
Associate Rabbi, Congregations of Shaare Shamayim

Chag Sukkot Sameach, dear friends.